A Butterflyway is a highway of habitat for butterflies, bees and beneficial bugs.

The David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led movement that will be bringing nature home to our neighbourhoods, one butterfly-friendly planting at a time, starting in 2017. 

Each local Butterflyway will include a series of pollinator patches that include native wildflowers, plants and shrubs that provide food and shelter for local bees and butterflies. These vibrant patchworks of pollinator patches will be found in private, public and institutional spaces, from yards and balconies to parks and schools.

The project is based on the David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project, which began in 2013. The award-winning, citizen-led project has begun creating butterfly-friendly corridors in three Toronto neighbourhoods, establishing pollinator patches in parks, front yard rain gardens and schoolyard canoe planters.

Thank you to our national program partners:


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